Slightly Obsessed?

15 May Slightly Obsessed?

You come to your first painting session at ArTherapy for Me and, of course, you become obsessed. You found out that you can paint and the other paintings that you saw on the studio wall are calling out to be done. Now it’s time to try and figure out how to afford all those paintings you want to do. That’s where we come in to help out.

ArTherapy for Me offers a frequent painter card – paint 5 times and the 6th time is free! Bet you want to know how to get in on this one. Next time you are in the studio ask to sign up for a card. We ask for your name and email, but we don’t do anything with the email other than contact you when we hold frequent painter events. (Watch for our holiday parties each year, they’re a lot of fun.) The events are free and are first-come, first served – in other words, whoever signs up first gets to go to the event.  Once you are on file then we can track your sessions, even if you forget to bring your card.

I bet you’re thinking that you could pay for everyone in your party and get a free painting right away. Sorry, but no. We only punch your card once for each visit and not at all for Throwback Thursday sessions. Thursday sessions are already discounted so they don’t get included. But, even with those limitations, you’ll be surprised how fast you can get to that free painting.

We have painters that are on their second and even their third card. Once you complete your first card you become a Paint Therapist – Level Yellow and you move up to higher levels with each card. It’s kind of like the different colored belts in karate but without the physical activity.

So, next time you’re at the studio ask about the card. We’ll get you signed up!

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