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25 Mar Latest Review on Yelp!

Even before words are spoken, one of the first forms of expression of a child is through using crayons, paint, marker, chalk – basically any form of art on paper, walls, sidewalks – anything accessible. There are no limits. Colors and shapes speak volumes and are therapeutic to a child.

It’s hilarious going to one of these painting classes, which may or may not include imbibing wine (or drink of choice), because suddenly as adults, we are fearful of divulging into freedom of expression, forgetting the wantonness of childhood. The innate urge to stay within the lines almost paralyze us. These painting classes bring back that fun and freedom of expression that we once had. Sure, you have two to three hours of “guided” painting, but I dare you to look at all the paintings and see if there is not some sort of individualism present. We all start similarly – the same canvas, the same brushes, and most of the time the same colors (depending on what you choose), but the end product will often surprise you and give you a sense of accomplishment.

There are dozens upon dozens of brush bars and wine paired with painting classes, but only ArTherapy for Me has the wonderful owner Julie,  her friend Erin, and other wonderful talented staff encouraging and supporting the artist in all of us. I’ve only been to a couple of classes but I can truly vouch for the fact that each time, they will spend one on one time with you if needed. They will lend a helpful ear even if it has nothing to do with art. Their ability to “read” people is what makes each of their classes special and usually sold out quickly. I, along with my friends/co-workers, will always remain faithful customers of ArTherapy for Me due to such kindness and attention to detail.

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