Canvas Ideas

31 May Canvas Ideas

So now you’re hooked on painting. What to do with all of those canvases that are stacked against the wall in your house?

Gifts: We tend to think that others would not want our paintings, especially when we don’t think we did such a great job making them. You would probably be very surprised to find out how many people would love to have that painting you put out in the garage. Wrap them up, or not, and give them to an appreciative receiver. Even better, find out ahead of time the types of colors they like and paint the picture specifically for them and their decor.

Gallery Hang: While one picture on the wall can look great, several on the wall together can look even better. Hang multiple paintings in one area on a wall  and leave a little space between each of the pictures. The colors don’t have to match on all of the paintings and they don’t all have to be the same type of picture. The similar size and shape of the canvases can create a cohesive grouping.

Keep watching because we’re going to keep adding more suggestions for those great paintings that you want to keep making.

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