31 May Canvas Ideas

So now you're hooked on painting. What to do with all of those canvases that are stacked against the wall in your house?Gifts: We tend to think that others would not want our paintings, especially when we don't think we did such a great job making them....

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15 May Slightly Obsessed?

You come to your first painting session at ArTherapy for Me and, of course, you become obsessed. You found out that you can paint and the other paintings that you saw on the studio wall are calling out to be done. Now it's time to...

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25 Mar Latest Review on Yelp!

Even before words are spoken, one of the first forms of expression of a child is through using crayons, paint, marker, chalk - basically any form of art on paper, walls, sidewalks - anything accessible. There are no limits. Colors and shapes speak volumes and...

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