Permanently closed due to impact of business closures.


It is with a great sadness that I am announcing the decision to close the ArTherapy for Me studio permanently. I want to thank everyone for your support, love, and friendship over the years. You have truly made my business owning experience one of the best times of my life. I hope that my studio has been able to provide you with a space to create, laugh, talk, drink, and find the joy in making art again.


Due to the current situation, I have been required to maintain monthly expense payments while closed and without an income that would cover those costs. Please know that I did try to keep the business going by applying for assistance and did not make this decision in a hurry. I have tried many avenues, but so far have not received any of the stimulus money for small businesses. I appreciate the many suggestions for methods to generate income, but I ask that you please understand that nothing we have investigated would provide the income needed to cover operating costs.


I appreciate your support and the indication that you would return to the studio and I had planned on returning also. Unfortunately the situation we are all dealing with has now also caused a turn of events in the personal financial status of my husband and I that makes that option no longer viable.


If you have a gift certificate with me or a studio credit that is still active (even if it expired during the shut-down) I am asking you to contact me by email at so that I may get refunds to you. I ask that you be patient as some refunds will need to be made by check rather than coming back through PayPal.


Thank you for being a part of my business and my life and I hope you each stay safe and well.